How do you light a char broil grill with a match?

What is a match holder on a char broil grill?

This chain is called the matchstick holder and is used to manually light the grill in case an issue should arise with the electronic igniter system. … Put a match in the match holder and light the match.

What does a lightning rod do on a grill?

16233), there is a 15″ silver rod attached to the grill with a chain. The chain is attached on the left side. What is the function of the rod? That sounds like the Lighting Stick which can be used to help you manually light the grill if needed or desired.

Why is my grill not getting gas?

If the burners on your gas grill don’t get gas, first, check the tank’s propane level to make sure the tank has gas. Next, reset the pressure regulator to restore gas flow through the regulator if the regulator’s flow-limiting device tripped. … Clogs in the burner tubes can also inhibit gas flow through the tubes.

What is the metal stick on a grill for?

Most of our full-size gas grills come with a little chain that has a small metal stick attached to the end of it. This chain/stick is called the match-stick holder, and it can be used to manually light the grill if there’s a problem with the electronic ignition system.

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How do you light a grill?

It’s likely that the new burners will ignite on their own from the fire of the first burner. If not, press the igniter button again or light the burners with a long match. Leave the burners on the “High” setting and close the grill’s lid. Allow the grill to heat up for at least five minutes before cooking anything.

Why is my propane grill not lighting?

It could be a worn-out spark module, a loose wire or other connection, a dead battery, corrosion or dirt on the igniter tip, or cracked porcelain on the igniter element. If the grill doesn’t light using the match, check for low or no gas flow. … When they open the tank, the valve interprets the outrush of gas as a leak.

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