You asked: What is another name for a grill in a kitchen?

​Britishthe part of a cooker where food is cooked under strong heat. The American word is broiler.

What is another word for grille?

What is another word for grille?

lattice grid
trellis grating
network framework
grate mesh
grill screen

What do you call a small grill?

Owing to their small size, hibachi grills are popular as a form of portable barbecue. They resemble traditional, Japanese, charcoal-heated cooking utensils called shichirin.

What is the American English for grill?

American and British Vocabulary and Word Choice

American English British English
yard garden
gear-shift gear-lever
alumnus graduate
boiler grill

What is the difference between grill and Grille?

Grill: a grated metal cooking utensil (noun); to cook over direct heat (verb). Grille: a network of metal, wooden, or plastic bars that acts as a barrier or screen.

What is a antonym for Lattice?

ˈlætəs) Framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal. Antonyms. merit system spoils system nonalignment finish inactivity ride natural object.

What is the inside of a grill called?

A gas grill anatomy is broken into three sections : The Hood, The Cooking System and The Grease Management System. The Cooking System is composed of the firebox and its interior components – Burner, Cooking Grates, Heat Distribution and Ignition.

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Is a grill a BBQ?

Grilling and barbecue are very different techniques of cooking. Grilling is typically small foods, cooked hot and fast with no smoke, often with no lid, and over high heat. Barbecue is typically larger cuts, cooked low and slow, with the lid on and is like roasting, but often with smoke.

How many types of grills are there?

There are four main types of grills when it comes to cooking, which are gas, charcoal, pellet, and electric grills, and we are going to tell you about each of them below in a little more detail.

What is salamander grill?

A Salamander Grill, commonly known as just a Salamander, is essentially a high temperature overhead grill which is usually used for toasting, browning or even simply hot holding dishes at a set temperature.

What is grilling in food?

Grilling, defined

Grilling involves cooking food on a rack over a heat source, usually a charcoal fire or ceramic briquettes heated by gas flames. Direct heat quickly sears the outside of food, producing distinctive robust, roasted―and sometimes pleasantly charred―flavors and a nice crust.

What does put under the grill mean?

21. Under the grill refers to an oven grill, inside the oven.

What does grill mean slang?

To “grill” someone is to ask them probing questions in a harsh manner, usually with the intention of demanding their confession of wrongdoing.

What is a window grill?

Window grilles are narrow strips of wood, vinyl, or metal used to visually separate the glass of a window into “panes” or lites. They are purely aesthetic — not necessary for the structure of the window. When the lines the grilles create are purely horizontal and/or vertical, they are sometimes referred to as grids.

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Is a griddle the same as a grill?

A griddle grill is a large, flat, usually rectangular cooking surface. A grill and griddle are both traditionally made with cast-iron and can withstand high heat. The difference is that a griddle is flat, and a grill is ridged.