Can you cook with locust wood?

Honey and black locust are very good woods for heating stoves.

Is it OK to cook with locust wood?

BTU of Black Locust Firewood

Black Locust burns longer than other types of wood as well. It also makes the most excellent coals. … It will not only heat the home all night, it will provide enough coals and chard wood to easily stoke the fire back up the next morning.

Is it safe to smoke meat with locust wood?

Oak – Burns slow and even, has a mild flavor, and is generally a good wood for smoking. Hickory – Also good for smoking, with a stronger flavor than oak.

Types of wood you should never smoke with.

Aspen Locust Mangrove
Elderberry Redwood (Conifer) Yew
Elm Spruce Poisonous Walnut (other walnut wood is fine)

Is Locust wood toxic?

The bark, seeds, leaves and twigs of the black locust tree are toxic to humans, cattle, poultry, sheep, and horses. The black locust grows 40-100 feet tall and is most common in the southeastern states of the United States. … The black locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia) is extremely poisonous if consumed.

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Can you burn locust wood in a wood stove?

Black locust burns very hot.

If you use a wood stove and are concerned about the fire getting too hot (which is possible with black locust) mix it in with other wood and don’t fill the wood stove completely with locust.

Can honey locust be used for smoking meat?

I haven’t tried Honey Locust, but the tree is named honey locust because the early American settlers would boil down the sap from this tree just like maple sap to make syrup. If you can make syrup from the sap, it probably works fine for smoking.

What is the best firewood to burn?

Hardwood Firewood

Hardwoods such as maple, oak, ash, birch, and most fruit trees are the best burning woods that will give you a hotter and longer burn time. These woods have the least pitch and sap and are generally cleaner to handle.

What wood is not good for smoking meat?

Never, under any circumstances, use EASTERN CEDAR, CYPRESS, ELM, EUCALYPTUS, SASSAFRAS, LIQUID AMBER, PINE, REDWOOD, FIR, SPRUCE, or SYCAMORE for smoking meats or other types of food.

What is the difference between honey locust and black locust?

One can also tell the two trees apart by just looking at the bark. The black locust’s bark is dark in colour with grooves that resemble an intertwining rope. The honey locust’s bark is brown or grey in colour and the tree has  bunches of thorns. Both the black and honey locust have smooth, thin, shiny seedpods.

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How much smoke comes out of a smoker?

Two to three chunks should be plenty to start with. If you have added too much wood, the smoke will be thick and white, and will not thin out. This means you are smothering the coals. Some white smoke initially is nothing to panic about.

What is locust wood good for?

Common Uses: Fence posts, boatbuilding, flooring, furniture, mine timbers, railroad ties, turned objects, and veneer. Comments: Black Locust is a very hard and strong wood, competing with Hickory (Carya genus) as the strongest and stiffest domestic timber: but with more stability and rot resistance.

Is locust wood harder than oak?

Black Locust wood is harder than White Oak. We measure hardness of wood with the Janka Hardness scale: the higher the number the tougher the wood. Black Locust wood’s Janka hardness scale is 1,700 lbf (7,560 N) compared to White Oak Janka hardness scale of 1,360 (6,000 N).

How much is locust wood worth?

Prices for these products range from $1 – $3 per linear foot for whole posts, and from $1.50 – $3.50/board foot for milled lumber, which is far above the prices for most conventional hardwood lumber.

What is the hottest burning wood?

Which Types of Firewood Burn The Hottest?

  • Osage orange, 32.9 BTUs per cord.
  • Shagbark hickory, 27.7 BTUs per cord.
  • Eastern hornbeam, 27.1 BTUs per cord.
  • Black birch, 26.8 BTUs per cord.
  • Black locust, 26.8 BTUs per cord.
  • Blue beech, 26.8 BTUs per cord.
  • Ironwood, 26.8 BTUs per cord.
  • Bitternut hickory, 26.5 BTUs per cord.
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Is black locust smoke toxic?

Toxic Tree. All parts of a black locust are extremely toxic and can cause severe stomach pain or death in children, pets and livestock if eaten. This is especially problematic with livestock — particularly cows and horses — which often graze on tree leaves.

How long does it take for locust wood to season?

Feeling the Heat

I think locust is one of the better(and hotter) burning green woods. But, just because it will burn green doesn’t make it optimal or safe(especially in a cat stove). Season 1 to 2 years and the heat output will increase greatly.